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The Corn Your Kids Love to Eat

October is flying by and I still can’t believe that Halloween is just 11 days away! On Monday I had one of those “oh darn” moments when I realized that I’m not prepared at all for this frightful holiday– not even a single pumpkin anywhere in sight. I quickly opened my laptop and searched Martha Stewart’s website, because if anyone is going to have great ideas for Halloween, it’s certainly this lady! After gaining inspiration from Martha and taking inventory of my craft closet, I came up with this festive candy corn mantle banner that is sure to cure any sweet tooth (without the calories)! This is a very simple craft that takes little to no effort and can be great for any little Martha (or Mark) in training.

What you’ll need:

    hole punch
    ribbon (enough to stretch across your mantle or wherever you decide to hang it)
    white, yellow, and orange card-stock (I used 1 sheet of 12×12 paper in each color which made 8 candy corns)
    candy corn template (I used this template from Oriental Trading Company)

1. First, cut out the outline of the candy corn template. Note that if you are using the template from OTC, there are big gaps in between the candy corn layers. This is because this template is to carve a pumpkin. Just cut out the template as if the gaps weren’t there.

2. Next, Trace the outline of the candy corn on the white card-stock then cut them out. Cut out the layers of the candy corn into 3 sections.

3. Use the largest section to trace the bottom of the candy corn in yellow card-stock. Then cut them out.

4. Use the middle section of the candy corn and trace the outline on the orange card-stock. Then cut them out.

5. Assemble the candy corn- start by gluing the bottom yellow section onto the white candy corn outline. Be sure you line up the edges. Since we are not all perfect cutters, you may need to trim around the edges so the white is not showing around the yellow. Then you can glue the middle orange section above the yellow section. After these 2 sections are glued, leave the rest of the candy corn white for the tip.

6. Let the glue on the candy corns dry then hole punch 2 corners in the bottom yellow section of the candy corn. String ribbon through each hole until all candy corn have been placed on ribbon leaving room on the ends of each side to hang.

7. Finally, hang the banner wherever you would like. I chose my mantle because it’s a little bare and needed some Halloween spirit.

So there you have it– an inexpensive, fun, and fast way to start decorating for Halloween. Even works for those procrastinators out there like me. Happy decorating!

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