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Move Over Broccoli, There’s a New Veggie in Town! Pizza Sauce?

Two tablespoons of tomato paste on a slice of overly salted crust is now all your child needs to ensure he or she is getting a serving of vegetables– according to the new bill proposed by Congress that is!  I’m sure by now you all know what I’m referring to, but just in case you have been out of touch with the world for a bit, you can read one of the many articles here.

Essentially last June the USDA was aiming to limit starchy vegetables to 2 times a week and eliminate tomato paste being labeled a vegetable in federally funded school programs.  Despite the Obama administration’s efforts to help shape up school lunch programs and make them healthier, the newest version of this bill from congress seeks to continue serving food to children at school that could be more nutritious.

The real concern– with so many student’s on free or reduced meal plans, this is the one meal they can rely on each day and it should be more than just Pizza and Potatoes! It’s simple– eating a healthy lunch helps maintain a healthy mind.  I wonder how many of the men and women in congress who supported this bill would actually eat the pizza and fries offered in the school lunch program?

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